Ever since Megan was a little girl, she liked touching soft things at stores. She was also super into art, so she got a degree in graphic design at Kent State University, where she met Erik, a super-organized dog lover. The couple moved to Chicago, where Megan worked for a design firm while Erik became a dog trainer.

It wasn’t long before their super powers combined.

In 2003, Megan began creating designs that tickled her fancy and made her smile. She took a screen-printing class and fell in love with printing her illustrations on clothing. Erik helped her lug stuff to craft shows, organize the early orders, and eventually got promoted to VP of running stuff. The company grew (first addition: Heika, head of cute inspiration/cuddly dachshund) and grew (second and third additions: Sara and Christine) and grew (fourth addition: Ivan, milk vampire/baby boy).

A few more things you should know about M.L.D…or that are simply fun to know:

Some of the first Megan Lee Designs were our sockdogs.
You know, dogs made out of socks. It seemed only natural to start with the things we love.

We’re not perfect, but that’s kind of the point.
Megan’s designs are original and hand-drawn with a sketchy nuanced quality to them. We think things are more fun this way.

But we ARE perfectionists about other things.
We are super pleased when you are super-pleased with all aspects of your experience with us. Get in touch because we love hearing from you!

We’re told our clothing is really, really ridiculously soft.
It’s because we cuddle it before shipping (just kidding…but only kinda).

* * *

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