Wholesale Newsletter

We are excited to introduce our first wholesale newsletter! This will be released quarterly and will give you quick updates on new styles, designs and promotions we are offering.


 Order Online!


We know you are busy, so we hope that being able to place wholesale orders online will make ordering much easier for you. You can order anytime day or night, and the process is super simple. We have created a Quick Guide PDF that you can download that includes photos of the process. Its basically like shopping online and then you get a coupon code for half off... :)

To encourage you to try out ordering through our website we are offering FREE SHIPPING on all wholesale orders placed online through August 30th. If you have any trouble at all please call (773-301-1939) or email (erik@meganleedesigns.com) Erik and he can walk you through the process.



New Designs

New Styles

You can see all of these designs on our website or you can download our updated full linesheet here or our new kids & baby linesheet here. Some styles are in the process of being uploaded to our website so just email us to add new styles to your order.


Custom Options

We are now offering custom designs in Megan's signature style for your store or a special event. There is a $25 one-time screen charge and a minimum order of 10 items. Send Megan your ideas at info@meganleedesigns.com and she will get back to you with more information and a timeline.

Here are some samples of custom orders that we have recently completed.

Thanks so much for your business! Please remember to order early for the holidays, turnaround time now is 2-4 weeks but will be 3-6 weeks as the holidays grow closer. We won't process your invoice until your requested ship date.

- Megan & Erik