Covid-19 Update

MORE UPDATES! Sorry haven't updated since March! So here goes. First, here is a video that features Megan Lee Designs and speaks about how some local Westerville businesses have been coping with COVID.

In addition to starting our non-profit "Megan Lee Gives" we have also started tie dying and screen printing masks. We are currently open two days a week (down from our normal 5) at our retail shop. Life is nowhere near back to normal, but we keep trying new things and trying to keep our customers happy. Shows for the rest of the year have been cancelled, so if there is something you want to see for the holidays please let us know. We are still operational, printing and shipping and want to bring you a smile especially in the midst of this pandemic.

Stay safe,

Megan, Erik, Ivan & Zia

NEW UPDATE : Monday, March 23rd

Thank you to everyone that has placed orders. We are now having to officially close our studio, as a non-essential business. Therefore, we have to stop printing -- however, we will be listing all of our current inventory on our website for purchase (we just turned our basement into a mini-shop). Please check back to see what's available. Hope to see you IRL soon!!

- Meg & Erik

(First update below)

I just want to update you, my friends and customers, on how Covid-19 is affecting us as a small family business. Me and my husband work for Megan Lee Designs full-time -- we pay our bills, our taxes, have two kids and live a pretty normal life while usually getting to do something that we love. We normally have income from a variety of sources including our website, Etsy shop, shows, wholesale accounts, custom orders, and retail shop. My husband is also a dog trainer on the side! Since the closures have begun our sales have literally dried up. We are the kind of business that is not an essential, and we understand that -- most people aren't thinking about buying t-shirts right now. However, that means we are no longer making any money.

We have three shows in the next two months that normally generate a large amount of our income that have been cancelled. Wholesale orders have completely stopped because no one knows when people will be shopping. Online sales have slowed to a crawl and I don't even think our retail shop should be open (not technically closed yet but pretty much) UPDATE: we are now officially closed. I am trying to innovate and still stay sane and look at the bigger picture but this has been tough and I feel that its only the beginning.

If you have purchased from us in the past and our shirts have brought you joy, please consider buying a gift certificate. We will honor it forever and you can even use it in person at a show if that's how you like to shop.

We are still printing and shipping orders for the time being so if you want to order from our shop please do! We can also provide local delivery.

We love our customers and I honestly hate having to put all this out there, but its our reality. If anyone needs some design work or custom shirts now or in the future we are here for you. I am also going to be posting in the next day or so about custom dog portraits. If you need anything at all you can drop us a note here.

Please stay safe out there and don't forget to breath.

- Megan, Erik, Ivan & Zia